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When you work with, you're working with over a dozen years of an extensive business background. The force behind comes from an M.B.A. and lawyer with experience at a major New York law firm and the Legal and Business Affairs departments at PolyGram and The RCA Records Label.

We are well versed in negotiating agreements, preparing business and marketing plans, assisting in obtaining trademarks and copyrights and reviewing business documents and procedures. is your source for business related services.

A recent project that utilized business consulting and web consultation is The Art Of Peace Foundation. The Art of Peace Foundation is a 503.1(C) non-profit founded on the Dalai Lama's belief of "Universal Responsibility." Regardless of nation, culture or religion, compassionate and benevolent treatment of one another is an essential path for discovering deepest peace and happiness. By understanding common humanity actions will transform the world in beneficial ways. Grounded in the Dalai Lama's vision of nonviolence, and the Art of Peace Foundation engages the world in a proactive way. One of the first things they have been involved with is "Songs For Tibet - The Art of Peace." As a show of support for Tibet and the Dalai Lama, some of the world's most creative artists, Sting, Rush, John Mayer, Teitur and others, have recorded and donated a song for the Art of Peace Foundation. These acoustic songs - some original for the project and some acoustic recordings of previously released songs - express our common vulnerabilities and experiences in pursing happiness, peace and freedom. This historic and monumental project is a proactive celebration of our shared humanity and common search for happiness. All proceeds that the foundation receives from the CD will support projects that the Dalai Lama believes are important for promoting peace - including vital Tibetan cultural preservation project.

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